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  • Language Education
  • Youth Education
  • Study Abroad
  • International School
  • Vocational Education
  • Corporate Training
  • EF

    EF Education is a world-renowned private English education institution, which is mainly committed to language learning, overseas travel and degree programs. EF Education has turned the world into an English classroom.
  • Dynamic children's English

    Dynamic English, with authoritative patented technology, systematic and perfect curriculum system, scientific and advanced educational concepts, and standardized business management model, is different from the current children's English training brand of mass English training.
  • thick sea English

    Houhai Original English is a well-known brand under Beijing Ruitu Education. It mainly focuses on English reading training for high-level children in primary and secondary schools in Beijing, with students between 6-14 years old. In the past, Houhai has set up 16 branches in Beijing, and the campus is still expanding, with more than 3,000 new students every year. Houhai is the first training institution to introduce the original textbook of National Geographic of the United States, and has supporting exercise books, courseware and other teaching tools. The management team of Houhai Education includes former core managers of New Oriental, MBAs of Top Business School in North America, and successful entrepreneurs and managers. Colleagues include more than 40 foreign teachers from different countries and Chinese colleagues who are enthusiastic about education. Houhai has a strong reputation and parent group resources in the field of k12 in Beijing. The company is currently facing exponential growth, so it hopes to attract more excellent talents. Looking forward to your participation!
  • Say it, Chinese College (Hong Kong, Japan)

    Beijing, Tianjin, Tokyo, Japan and other countries have opened teaching centers; it is the first institution at home and abroad to introduce the "turning classroom" teaching mode into Chinese and Putonghua teaching.
  • TLI Chinese Language Network (Spain, Germany, France, South Korea)

    Since 1995, for Japanese Mitsubishi and other enterprises, online training, adhering to live-action teaching, real-time online, one-on-one mode
  • FG

    FG Academy is a well-known brand focusing on international education, and FG Academy is a brand of Guangzhou Baosheng Education Consulting Co., Ltd. Provide professional services such as international course tutoring. In order to ensure the quality of our service so that students can successfully enter famous British universities, all FG Academy teachers come from the world's top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College of Technology. At the same time, we have also established in-depth and long-term cooperation with many well-known British universities.
  • love English.

    Founded in 2011, Love English Education is led by a team of senior overseas education background experts. With innovative VIP teaching and services as its core products, it is committed to providing customers with one-stop education solutions. The school sets up an independent R&D center to continuously optimize teaching products and ensure accurate matching of students' needs.
  • BOTO

    BOTO Education focuses on the examination training in North America, providing synchronous English courses to cultivate students' comprehensive English use ability and humanistic literacy. Academic English training institutions co-founded by China, the United States and the United Kingdom place more emphasis on the cultivation of students' comprehensive English use ability, so as to improve English, but also help students cultivate Critical thinking ability can better cope with learning and work challenges, take advantage of modern Internet advantages, and help students build a better learning platform!
  • TSL (Hong Kong)

    TSL is a Beijing learning center and consulting company founded by Chinese and British educators. Their mission is to cooperate and innovate to make an international tomorrow for today's students.
  • Van Dixin (Hong Kong)

    Foundation Global Education is committed to sharing information from top Western universities. With the information and experience accumulated over the years, it helps parents who are ready to let their children study abroad so that they can be easier and appropriate. Select the school that is most suitable for children's potential and needs, and eventually let children become the pillars of the future of society under the cultivation of schools.
  • Xuele Mountain (indoor skiing)

    Xuele Mountain is a sports training institution project that moves skiing indoors. At present, it operates chains in many cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, opening many stores.
  • rice and millet

    We have worked with dozens of experts from the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China and other countries and regions to intervene in early childhood development disorders such as autism.
  • Jing Yuyi (Children's Film Culture Education)

    Jingyuyi Cultural Industry Group, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan, has created a new platform for the development of children's art, integrating five parts: art education, music film and television production, children's performing arts brokerage, high-end cultural tourism, and online display windows.
  • Riding International Equestrianism

    Introduce the French GAOOP equestrian system and teach by the French foreign teacher team! Imported PONY horse teaching is more suitable for children to provide professional, pure and systematic equestrian teaching.
  • Yueya School Kindergarten

    Yueya School is an education brand of Circle (Beijing) International Education Consulting Co., Ltd. It is a domestic center focusing on the integration of bilingual international day care and early education for infants and children aged 0-3. It comes from experts on children's growth methods in the United States, covering early education courses, family education and game fun. Since its establishment in 2015, it has owned two physical stores in Beijing.
  • royal music

    Huang International Music Center focuses on tailor-made royal music courses for children aged 2-12, with an all-round international standard curriculum system, from enlightenment to major, comprehensively stimulates children's music potential, and cultivates children's music interests and comprehensive artistic literacy.
  • wonderful genius

    Miaomiao Genius is a national chain organization focusing on infant growth services for 0-12 years old. An international organization integrating children's swimming, early education, children's GYM and growth assistance programs is committed to creating a "one-stop service platform for children's growth". He is a member of the International Children's Education Association (ICEA), a member of the British Swimming Association (STA), and a member of the International Infant Swimming Association (WABC).
  • Tafunis (skiing education)

    Beijing Tafunis Sports Development Co., Ltd. focuses on ice and snow skills training and is determined to cultivate ski schools with professional literacy, ethics and high professional excellence. Over the past three years, a complete mechanism from talent training to employment delivery has been created.
  • Swan Lake (Children's International Ballet)

    Swan Lakeside Children's Ballet Dance Art Center is affiliated to Beijing Swan Lakeside Education Technology Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive institution focusing on children's ballet dance art. It introduces the children's ballet training system of the Royal Dance Academy of England and is committed to the popularization, education and training of ballet art. According to the King's teaching system, Swan Lake provides adaptive courses for children over the age of 3, from shallow to deep situational teaching, and strives to "let every child enjoy the fun of ballet."
  • Oriental Education (Extracurricular Counseling for Primary and Secondary Schools)

    Shanghai Huangpu District Oriental Education and Continuing Education School is an education and training brand with basic education and training as the core, integrating product research and development and educational consulting services with formal school qualifications. It was approved and established by Shanghai Huangpu District Education Bureau in 2008. School license number: 13101017300116 0.
  • Beiwen era

    Beijing Film Academy Cultural and Creative Park is jointly produced by Beijing Film Academy and Beijing Jinxiu Yichuang Tourism and Culture Co., Ltd., and is a film and television cultural industrial park with film and television and related industries as the core.
  • Depan Children's Comprehensive Quality Education

    Depan Education Future Hall advocates the educational tenet of "right virtue, utilization, rich life and only peace", takes the self-restraint of personality quality as the focus of education, implements and runs through the design of our educational space and the content and educational methods.
  • Sprue

    With authoritative patented technology, systematic and perfect curriculum system, and scientific and advanced educational concepts

    Beijing Yibesi Education Technology Co., Ltd. is the first high-end education brand under Zhongmeng Education. It was founded in 2017. It focuses on children aged 3-12 and their families, and is committed to the exploration and practice of "cognitive education". Integrate global high-quality educational resources and unite like-minded strategic partners, gather many excellent teachers in the industry with lofty educational ideals and enthusiasm, adhere to the core values of "Hongyue deep beauty, inclusive, fine friendliness and efficient driving", and follow the principle of "accumulating value with time and trust as the body". The development concept of Ben creates high-quality bilingual parent-child activities, science and technology-driven global quality characteristic courses, and customized international growth paths for elites.
  • in-talk Cherry International Education

    Fully following the internal laws of English language is a systematic and standardized English education product and teaching system that is truly taught by fishing.
  • new waterway

    Established in 2004, it has more than 400 learning centers across the country. Language education institutions with strategic investment by the American International Data Group (IDG) and KAPLAN International Education Group in the United States.
  • Ruitu

    Ruitu Education is a high-end one-on-one education institution founded by Hu Zhonghua, the former VIP project manager of New Oriental North America. Ruitu focuses on long-term planning and providing high-quality one-on-one teaching. By planning 1 to 12 months of TOEFL and SAT solutions, it helps students achieve high TOEFL and SAT scores before going abroad.
  • Sphinx (New Oriental's Art Study Abroad)

    Founded in Manhattan, New York, educational institutions have been established in Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Chongqing and Xi'an.
  • SKD Art Study Abroad

    SKD International Art Education is an art design education platform jointly founded by overseas master's and internationally renowned teachers of Beijing Skeda International Education Consulting Co., Ltd. It has teachers from the world's top universities, exclusive cooperation resources between British and American universities, and an internationally renowned designer alliance platform, and a new education platform that emphasizes "sharing". Educational institutions focusing on art study abroad planning, art collection training, overseas art college applications, and student employment training.
  • Rongshang International Education Group

    Trilateral Club Co., China's first new membership management company serving the high-end class. Ltd.) Co-founded with the non-profit organization Global Alliance of Leadership Educators (GLEN)
  • Kaide Education

    An educational institution founded by Stanford University graduates with educational ideals. All teachers of Kaide Education, without exception, are on the front line of consultation and teaching, creating value for students and parents.
  • Beijing-collar study abroad

    Cooperate with the top 100 universities in the United States, the top 30 universities in the United Kingdom, the top 10 universities in Canada and the top 8 universities in Australia to build an international college for Sino-foreign cooperation.

    YESSAT - the first brand to prepare for the American high school exam. The company's main business includes SSAT®, TOEFL®, SAT®, American Mathematics Synchronization Course, Study Abroad Preparatory Course, American High School Preparation Course and other services. YESSAT's reputation has been leading the industry for many years.
  • mushroom education

    The first educational leader to invest in the research and development of private high school courses in the United States is the most consistent past exam textbook developed by the American Examination Center.
  • pony knows the way.

    Xiaoma Zhitu is an Internet company focusing on "online education platforms" and is a leader among the top online education solution providers in China. Provide leading online education platform program services for small and medium-sized customers.
  • Elite Peiyou

    Let the elite teacher lead the elite students to realize the elite dream!
  • enjoy Jianing.

    Stimulate interest, change habits, scientific planning, future elite
  • Jue Xue Education

    Juexue Education is a new generation of online overseas study education institution founded by many famous American school returnees and many famous teachers with more than ten years of experience in New Oriental. Juexue Education now has SAT, SSAT, TOEFL, small TOEFL, GMAT and other examination courses. Since its establishment, it has adhered to the self-developed I.D.E.A.L. for students. The teaching system has been praised by parents and students after long-term improvement and application. GMAT** score increase of 300, with an average score increase of nearly 100; SAT students' training reach the target score rate is 91%, and TOEFL score increase ranges from 10-40.
  • Morilu

    Beijing Senlu International Education Mission: Provide students and families with a comprehensive and systematic growth plan, and truly fulfill the mission of educators' teaching and education! Concept: Actively guide students and parents to fully and deeply discover and understand themselves by conforming to the laws of education and psychological growth.
  • simple

    Essence Education focuses on providing scientific and effective TOEFL, SAT and other training and overseas study application consultation for young international students. Most of the teams come from the English Department of Peking University and famous overseas schools. They have rich teaching experience and love the education industry. Zhijian adheres to improving students' English proficiency from the basic level to meet the challenges of overseas examinations that truly reflect their English skills.
  • Mount Sinai

    It is an educational technology enterprise that uses international advanced educational intelligence technology to provide professional and scientific personalized teaching programs and services for students studying in the United States, and is committed to cultivating international talents and providing high-quality international educational resources for the society. Mount Sinai has an international and authoritative expert scientific research team, a team of all foreign teachers who graduated from famous American schools and are well versed in Chinese and Western culture, and a professional and rigorous academic management team.
  • preferred English

    Youze Education (affiliated to Youze Education Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.) is a company specializing in overseas language examination training. Youze Education has always been committed to building an international education service network extending upstream and downstream of the international education industry. Based on rich resources and brand advantages of colleges and universities at home and abroad, it provides China Students and other international students and overseas institutions provide professional services.
  • Lighthouse

    It is a professional tutoring institution established from the high recognition of students and parents that mainly teaches courses for preparing for the examination for the exam.
  • Vio

    Weiou Art Alliance is a professional education and training institution focusing on international art innovation education, portfolio training, and art study abroad planning. Founded in 2011, the headquarters of China is in Beijing and has established branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Now it has set up joint teaching offices in Japan, New York, London, Italy and other overseas international schools, and also carries out international study tour projects.
  • No. 4 Middle School International High School

    Founded in 1907, Beijing No. 4 Middle School is a model senior high school in Beijing and a member of the United Nations Grassroots Club for Education, Science and Culture. Since its establishment more than 100 years ago, more than 35,000 graduates have been trained. In recent years, about 200 foreign students from 25 countries study in Beijing No. 4 Middle School every year.
  • Limai Sino-US International High School

    Relying on the foundation of Chinese culture, Limai Sino-US schools provide students aged 5 to 18 with a full teaching system authorized by the American College Board. Registered students also have both Sino-US student status. The school consists of Limaikavente International Department, AP International Department and Fairmont International Department, in which 50% of the Chinese and English binative language are taught in the preschool stage around happiness and Chinese culture;
  • Future Leadership International Junior and Senior High Schools

    Future Leadership School is a full-time non-profit school covering all school segments aged 3-18. She is committed to integrating the world's top educational resources, optimizing ecology with education, and cultivating elite talents with an international vision, outstanding personality and able to lead the future.
  • Credit Exchange International Class (United States)

    Online education institutions founded in the United States. Through the introduction of American textbooks and American teachers, students can get American high school scores, transcripts and American high school diplomas.
  • Jialian International High School

    Jialian International School is a newly established private full-time full-time middle school. The school will create a college-style learning and living environment for all teachers and students with first-class school-running facilities, modern campus culture, full boarding student management, and high-quality characteristic courses, and make every effort to build a first-class new brand of high-end education in China.
  • Hantong International Class

    Beijing Hantong Culture Co., Ltd. is a professional institution dedicated to international primary and secondary education, providing integrated services for international primary and secondary schools, from international school selection consultation, school selection guidance, international school curriculum guidance, to overseas study consultation and other service projects. It has created two firsts in China's international education. China's first professional tutoring institution for IB courses; the first institution in China to provide consulting services for international school selection.
  • Collinson International Class

    CrimsonLeaders, a leader in high-end education and training, is one of the leading educational institutions in Beijing. Founded in 2005, the college is committed to improving the examination results and English use ability of students in international schools. It has successively sent a large number of international students to the United Kingdom, the United States and has helped no mathematics. The sub-applying to Offer, a famous school, enjoys a very high reputation in the industry.
  • New exhibition of foreign language international education

    Professional overseas returnee application team Famous schools apply for one-stop service BC/ETS dual-material official certified trainer team
  • Broward International High School

    Provide students with a high-quality education, award graduates with literature degrees, science degrees and applied science degrees, and various certificates.
  • Qingmang International Class

    Founded in 2011, Wuhu Qingmang Education is a professional comprehensive education institution focusing on extracurricular cultural course tutoring in primary, junior high schools and senior high schools. It has always followed the concept of "putation as the market" and made it the unremitting pursuit of building the most influential and excellent local educational institution.
  • Compit

    Beijing Kangbit Sports Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of sports nutrition, physical training, rehabilitation and other sports technologies. With a registered capital of 52 million yuan, total assets of 683 million yuan, and 449 employees.
  • Martian

    Founded in 2002, Martian Education focuses on IT vocational education and has provided tens of thousands of students with cutting-edge Internet IT design knowledge for 13 years. It is in a leading position in the Internet vocational education industry. Introduce advanced teaching ideas from abroad, Massive (large-scale) Open (open) Online (online) Course (course).
  • Tianpu

    Tianpu Education is a large-scale professional educational institution specializing in construction industry training, various national qualification certification examination training, international qualification examination training, junior college undergraduate degree upgrading, on-the-job postgraduate training, doctoral training, enterprise management training, etc.
  • halo

    Beijing Halo Zhicheng International Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Halo International, stock code: 838504) was established in 2001. Starting from project management training, it has become a professional cutting-edge management and cutting-edge technology training institution in China, aiming to provide customers with high-quality talent training in the era of artificial intelligence. Solution. Over the past 16 years, Halo International has adhered to the innovative thinking of keeping pace with the times, the craftsman spirit of unity of knowledge and action, simply pursued the true meaning of education, created cutting-edge educational products, and became a stack solution provider in the field of talent training.
  • black light

    Founded in 1992, Beijing Heiguang Education Consulting Co., Ltd. Art Training is one of the most powerful and influential institutions of Heiguang Group, the first listed enterprise of art education and training in China, and the first well-known brand training institution in China to set up systematic education of studio photography, makeup and digital art.
  • Dali Education

    Dali Education Network is an official website affiliated to Beijing Dali Century Technical Training Co., Ltd. on the qualification examination. The purpose is to provide timely and effective information and guidance for the majority of candidates taking the construction industry examination, help the majority of candidates understand the trend, examination time and registration review time; provide some relevant past exam papers and simulation questions over the years, so that the majority of candidates can pass the examination smoothly.
  • Yunfeng Qizhi

    Beijing Yunfeng Qizhi Education Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise with Internet vocational education and training as the core. Provide UI, front-end, e-commerce, plane, C4D, PS and other high-quality courses.
  • Jingzhong Military Examination

    Jingzhong Military Examination Education is a leading educational institution in China that specializes in tutoring active-duty soldiers to take the military academy examination. It is mainly engaged in training guidance. The training methods are one-on-one teaching and high-quality class teaching. Jingzhong Education Military Examination Research Institute has been committed to the examination research of "military examination" for many years. It has designed a targeted and systematic examination evaluation system for the examination sites of military examination and the psychology and learning ability of military candidates, which is a strong backing for Jingzhong Education's leading military examination industry.
  • general

    Beijing Puweiben Education Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2009 by two Peking University students. It pioneered the concepts of "membership vocational training" and "stage training": Puwei provides membership-style courses and services for each student, breaking the traditional concept of one-time payment and one service, so that each student in Lifelong learning, sharing and improvement in the universal family.

    With the industry's first-class teaching quality and good reputation, VRStar has formed a simple, efficient, dedicated and professional corporate culture, becoming a leading cutting-edge technology education and education technology company in China, and sending batches of top VR high-end talents to the VR industry.
  • Renxiu

    Founded in Beijing, where Internet education is developing the fastest in China, Renxiu Education is a new type of Internet education company. The company is committed to adult education and vocational qualification certificate training. The training business involves self-examination, adult examination, distance education, human resources qualification certificate, accounting certificate, economist, construction-related examination training and other course training for the workplace.
  • Lenovo

    Lenovo is engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of reliable, safe and easy-to-use technical products and high-quality professional services. Lenovo mainly produces desktop computers, servers, laptops, smart TVs, printers, handheld computers, motherboards, mobile phones, all-in-one computers and other products.
  • consult with you.

    The basic business pattern of Hejun Group is: Hejun Consulting + Hejun Capital + Hejun Business, that is, the "one-in-one two-wing" model with management consulting as the main body and capital and business education as the two wings.
  • Evergreen Foundation

    The group takes "solving practical problems of enterprises and improving core competitiveness" as its mission, and adopts an unprecedented business model to integrate high-quality resources in the market. The group gathers industry elites to develop high-quality products to solve the practical problems of Chinese enterprises on the basis of combining the local situation, absorbing advanced concepts and integrating different resources. It pioneers "enterprise consulting training" in China, emphasizing personality, actual combat and system, and has won the title of "the preferred brand for authoritative training of Chinese enterprises". .
  • Zhongke Huaqing

    Beijing Zhongke Huaqing Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. is an institution engaged in industry research, policy research and enterprise consulting services. It is committed to building a bridge between government departments, social organizations and high-tech enterprises to effectively communicate, integrating enterprise information and social resources, improving resource utilization efficiency, and effectively improving enterprise The business environment and operating quality provide all-round and high-quality professional value-added services for scientific and technological enterprises and innovative enterprises, improve the competitiveness of the enterprise industry, and create new value for enterprises.
  • Han Yatiancheng

    Founded in November 2009, Jinghan Yatiancheng Education Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a national high-tech enterprise based on integrity and its mission of inheriting Chinese culture. It is also a leading service provider of education technology and big data technology.
  • Everbright Bank

    Founded in August 1992, it is a national joint-stock commercial bank approved by the State Council and approved by the People's Bank of China.

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