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Java engineer

MOMAThink is a company full of employee culture. Every employee is using his wisdom and expertise to make "cloud academic affairs" easier to use. Here, every engineer can become a project manager, and the corresponding person in charge arranges the overall development function, and you, the project commander, leads the team members to continue to learn and grow. After the project is completed, each team will also have its own project summary and technology sharing meeting. We hope everyone can grow together and grow together with MOMAThink.
If you love technology and like to study new things, and hope to do something meaningful with your own ability, welcome to join us.

what's your job?

  • Responsible for the architecture design and step-by-step iterative optimization of the cloud academic affairs system
  • Participate in the requirements analysis of the system and write technical documents

we hope you

  • Familiar with jFinal open source framework, common Linux commands, self-driven talents are preferred
  • Familiar with Java language and object-oriented design methods
  • Proficient in JSP, Servlet, JDBC and other technologies
  • Familiar with HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and other front-end technologies
  • Familiar with MySQL database-related technologies and proficient in using SQL statements
  • Familiar with software development process, design mode and architecture

Web engineer

We are also an enterprise that pays attention to user experience. Details and overall balance are our focus. We are committed to giving users a comfortable operation experience, rather than ordinary tedious and cumbersome working methods such as clicks and right-clicks. From the color matching of a button to the overall style design of a page, we will discuss it internally to present the most perfect content to users.
If you also pay attention to the gap between the slightest and focus on design aesthetics, then welcome to join us.

what's your job?

  • Design and build deliverable user pages to meet the operational needs of the system
  • Build a flexible and easy-to-use Web system, dock the back-end platform, and visualize data.
  • Connect with customer technology and product departments to meet customers' requirements for simple and easy-to-use user interface

we hope you

  • Comprehensive technology, enthusiastic about technology, pay attention to the direction of technology development
  • Master Web front-end technology, HTML/CSS3/JS, proficient in Flex layout, and can independently implement complex style layout.
  • Master H5App development, mixed development experience is preferred
  • Understand a back-end R&D language Node.js/Java
  • Good team communication and collaboration skills can promote customers to achieve goals together.

Test engineer

MOMAThink is also a company that pursues perfection. Before the product goes online, we will arrange corresponding testers to carry out systematic testing to minimize the bug rate of the product. Of course, sometimes we need to conduct multiple tests to ensure that the product can make users more comfortable to use.
It is precisely because of our unremitting pursuit of perfection that we have such a powerful and easy-to-use cloud academic system. If you also pursue perfection and yearn for the ultimate, welcome to join us.

what's your job?

  • Participate in the review of project requirements and designs, and put forward suggestions for improvement.
  • Make a project test plan and implement it according to the actual situation of the project to ensure the quality and progress of the project.
  • Implement use cases and tests, test scripts, etc. related to the project design.
  • According to the characteristics of the project, use appropriate test tools or automated solutions to improve test efficiency.
  • Design and execute test cases to track defects or problems in product software
  • Communicate with project personnel on project progress and problems

we hope you

  • Proficient in web-side performance, compatibility, interface, functions and other test methods
  • Proficient in using databases such as Mysql, Mongo, Redis
  • Familiar with the software development process and understand java, python, shell and other scripting languages
  • Proficient in version management tools such as svn, git

Marketing sales

Marketing is the forefront of our MOMA education war. They communicate directly with users and provide scientific analysis and timely feedback on users' needs. Similarly, we will formulate different development plans for different industries. When customers have any questions, we will also provide door-to-door/remote technical support to ensure that every enterprise or team using "cloud education" can feel the strong management ability and ease of use of "cloud education".
It is our high-quality products, as well as enthusiastic and thoughtful service, that have won the recognition of the industry.

what's your job?

  • Responsible for market development, customer maintenance and sales management in designated areas
  • Responsible for product promotion, promotion and sales, and complete sales tasks and targets.
  • Specify your own sales plan and contact customers and develop new customers according to the plan.
  • Collect and find customer information, resume customer files
  • Assist sales supervisors in formulating sales strategies, sales plans and sales goals
  • Do a good job in the signing of sales contracts, performing and managing other related work, and coordinating and handling various market issues.

we hope you

  • College degree or above, more than 1 year of sales experience
  • Proficient in using office software, such as office, and cloud collaboration software
  • Strong communication skills, standard Mandarin; affinity, strong sense of service, proactive work, optimistic and cheerful
  • Do things conscientiously and steadily, be upright and sincere, and have a good team spirit.

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