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"YunJiaoWu" is very easy to use. With only one computer or a mobile phone, you can complete the daily management of the school in the cloud, and we will help you solve other problems

Live Online - Classes Anytime, Anywhere

The online live broadcast function allows teachers to avoid running back and forth, leaving the rest of the time for efficient online teaching. As long as students take out their mobile phones, they can start classroom interaction with teachers anytime and anywhere. Technology makes learning wonderful.

One-stop management platform

One-stop management platform integrates efficient CRM, academic affairs and OA management systems, declares war on traditional bad habits, and refuses system software that is constantly piled up. Simple and easy to use, reduce the cost of learning and use, small and large, the function should not be underestimated.

Fully adapted to PC and mobile terminals

Multi-type terminal support can not only be used on the PC side, but also support data display on the mobile side, so that you can control the business situation anytime and anywhere.

Multi-campus, multi-role management

Free management of role permission functions on demand, multi-campus, cross-departmental, multi-role cloud collaborative cooperation, sub-permission view and management data, make work more efficient.

Personal customization

On-demand selection, multi-version support to meet customers of different sizes

SaaS, private deployment, personalized customization, open source always have one suitable for you.


User community

YunJiaoWu community

YunJiaoWu Community is an open communication platform for users originating from cloud academic affairs and serves public customers. It includes modules such as problem answering, system log, latest information, content sharing, tutorial release, etc., to solve user problems and push high-quality content as your responsibility...

WeChat Consultation

QQ Consultation

Online Consultation

Telephone Consultation


Free trial

More excellent functions

All in cloud affairs

Admissions management

Consultation record "custom label"
Refined user portraits, personalized service follow-up, and improve the conversion rate of clues...

Intent level

Intent course record

Source tag

Follow-up "Return Reminder Alarm Clock"
Support the reminder settings of each return visit task, and the system will automatically remind the corresponding consultant before the arrival of the return visit day.

Follow-up record

Assign followers

Add follow-up record

Audition Management "Intelligent Course Conflict Verification"
You can designate shifts or teachers according to the time of intended students to efficiently lock in intended students and promote transactions.

1-to-1, 1-to-multiple, class

Follower audition / independent audition

audition record

audition reminder

Performance analysis "custom data chart"
Intelligent summary analysis generates performance trend charts to facilitate campus business evaluation and performance assessment.

Sales Ranking

Performance analysis

Source analysis

Campus comparison

Academic affairs scheduling

Intelligent Course Scheduling "Intelligent Course Conflict Verification"
Intelligently solve the resource conflict between students, classrooms and teachers, and easily complete the tedious daily scheduling work.

Support rowing 1-to-1, 1-to-N, class

Irregular batch scheduling

Real-time conflict verification reminder of scheduling data

One-click operation of batch course adjustment

Diversified schedule "Free choice of schedule style"
The curriculum arrangement is clear at a glance and controlled at any time; intelligently coordinate teachers and classroom resources to avoid idleness.

Calendar schedule of day, week and month

Multi-campus same display curriculum

Display the schedule by teacher dimension

Display the schedule by course dimension

Schedule color management

Schedule data filtering

Support live class "face-to-face/live broadcast, dual mode"
Open and use, support one-to-one, one-to-many, large-class live teaching

Support video

Support PPT

Screen sharing

support audio.

support mobile terminal.

Class summary analysis "data custom filtering"
Convenient for real-time statistics, viewing and verification of class data of students and teachers; save daily teacher salary calculation time

Automatic statistics of canceling data

Participant data analysis

Automatic early warning of insufficient class hours system

Teacher data analysis

Automatic accounting of teachers' remuneration

Learner management

Student Profile + Learning Trajectory "Template Field, Customizable"
Cloud management student information, detailed recording of student information can be checked with one click

Basic information

Course details

Student schedule

class record

Class hour statistics

One-click bulk import / export

Registration for class placement "flexible course purchase mode"
Online student class selection registration management, and collaborative management of data of various departments according to permissions

Support 1-to-1, 1-to-n, class mode

Support whole class registration, class registration according to class hours, single subject registration

Support bulk registration

Support registration review function

Automated message alert "custom notification template"
Without manual labor, the system automatically analyzes and matches notification objects, and important notifications are pushed in real time.

class reminder

Renewal reminder

reminder of arrears

Other...custom reminders

Fast attendance "one-click roll call"
Help teachers quickly complete the roll call in the classroom, automatically generate teaching records, and easily check the class attendance statistics of students.

Attendance status management

Real-time statistics of class hours

Automatically generate history teaching records

Course evaluation "two-way mutual evaluation"
Teachers conduct class reviews, students evaluate teachers' two-way interaction, and comment information is immediately fed back to teachers to evaluate students.

Teachers and students, support WeChat applet-side operation

Students evaluate teachers.

Teachers evaluate students.

Details of evaluation records

Coursework "Support Audio and Video Formats"
One-click push of teachers assigning homework, students submit homework online, which is convenient to manage anytime and anywhere.

Support video formats

Support audio format

Support graphic format

financial management

Income and expenditure management
Automatic statistics of students' payment flow, refunds, course consumption and actual collection

Mode of income and expenditure

Income and expenditure order number

Breakdown of income and expenditure

Bulk export of data

Purchase order review
Supervise and manage each student payment order

Support bulk review

Audit permission management

Order details

Bulk export of data

class record
According to the pre-collective model of the education industry, the tuition fees of non-refundable courses that have occurred will be automatically counted.

Source of class consumption

consume class hours.

Class elimination type

class time

Bulk export of data

Wage management
The salary is automatically generated according to the data of each link in the system, and the data is accurate.

One-click review and generation of salary details

Check the salary details online independently without forwarding.

Bulk export of data

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