What is MOMA DNA?


What kind of aggregation reaction will happen if you educate the spirit of scientists persevere in things?

original intention

At first, we wanted to change the education software industry.

Now we are the same.


There is momentum and aggressiveness. The greater the pressure, the stronger the ability.

ps: Hair gradually disappears...


We don't want to do this.

How do we want to do this better?


Love computers and study new technologies.

Don't repair the computer! Don't repair the computer! Don't repair the computer!


We can make this thing with PS.

We can also do it with PhotoShop.

MOMA Family

We are not programmers, we are MOMA scientists.

The "positioning" of Moma's creative idea was born in us, grew up in us, and will subvert rebirth again and again to be farther than us.

Who are we? We are educated, scientific and technologically believers, dare to change ourselves, and dare to embrace the future.

Encourage innovation! Encourage trial and error! How full imagination is, how sexy youth is. It's nothing to worry about gains and losses. It's okay to be laughed at, misunderstood, and bleed and sweaty.

Just be the master of your dream! Go chase and realize! Believe in cause and effect, believe in time! Trust the team, believe in yourself! The arrival of the God of Light will bless and illuminate us!

Hola MOMAThink

Come on, let's create the future of MOMAThink together.

Join us
Hola MOMAThink